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(AGE x 2) + 9 or (2x2) + 9 = "is not twelve"

Familiar with the formula?

If you were thinking, "thats how you calculate for estimated body weight in pediatric patients (IN KILOGRAMS)!" You are ABSOLUTELY correct! 😉

If you are in CRNA school like me, SAY these formula's out loud.

Dont be hard on yourself. It doesnt have to be in technical terms!

Ever remember that time when you were "confused" about a particular subject... said it out loud... and for some odd reason, you ended up being able to figure out the answer yourself?

Language is not just a tool to communicate with others, but a "tool" that helps you communicate with your own thought process as well. It helps you think about what you're thinking.

The act of simply explaining what you know forces your brain to organize your thoughts. In fact there were studies that showed that MORE AREAS of the brain becomes MUCH MORE ENGAGED when you verbalize what you've learned.

Do these exercises every time you've learned a new concept, whether it be with a trusted friend, a mentor, or even to an imaginary audience. This simple yet underestimated technique will help you build a bett

er understanding of the topic at hand and be proficient in the art of anesthesia.

Keep those hearts beating and stay breathing.

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